1st AGM/ Boat Tour/ CME/ Fundraising Dinner
Long Island, NY
July 1st & 2nd, 2005

Venue: Akbar Restaurant, Garden City, NY 11545

The event started off with the Boat Cruise around NY city from Staten Island Port on July 1st (5pm- 11pm). Around 40 families and friends of JMFOA members participated with Sri Lankan style dinner served on board. Of course there were plenty of fun including dancing to baila songs. Lots of us had a chance to enjoy the NY city skyline especially at night. Thanks to our secretary Jaso Sanmugarajah for organizing the site tour.

The CME event started at 8am and lasted till 2pm on July 2nd at Akbar Restaurant, 2 South Street, Garden City, NY 11545. (Long Island, NY) with continental breakfast. The event was joint sponsored by JMFOA and MECOP (Medical Education Council of Pensacola) with 4hrs of AMA category I CME for participants.

The AGM/ Dinner started at Akbar Restaurant, Banquet Hall at 5.30pm with reception followed by AGM, Chief Gust speech, President/ Secretary Speech and speeches of members of JMFOA involved in Sri Lanka Tsunami Activities.

During the AGM the 2nd Executive Committee was elected to carry out the goals set by JMFOA.

The event concluded with dance, lot of memories and ideas to help our Alma Mater.


1st AGM/ CME/ Fund Raising Dinner/ Boat Trip
July 2005
New York, USA

Continuous Medical Education
[7 am - 12 pm, July 2, 2005]

Program Director: Andy Somesan, M.D
Contact Email: andysomesan@yahoo.com


JMFOA Executive Committee
2005 - 2006